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Rural Solar Electrification Project

In the underdeveloped world, the major constraint today is capital resource needed for upliftment of rural life.

Electricity is the basic human need. The cost of carrying a transmission line to the remote village is the social responsibility of any civilised government, but it is not prudent economics, because the no of households and their consumption will not justify the investment in economic terms.

It is in this situation, the solar rural electrification is an economically viable option and practical solutions. For rural application, there are three segments to be considered, namely :-

  • Solar lanterns for small household and street hawkers
  • Solar home lighting
  • Solar Street Lighting

These are social projects to uplift the quality of rural life, enable the children to study at night and for rural folks to do local trading at community markets in the night.

We propose a model project limited to one village as experimental project for benefit assessment for the society. We propose a small quantity of each three applications to be installed, put to use in local environment to help the decision makers to arrive at long term plan for rural upliftmen.

Solar Street Lighting


Sun light will be converted into DC Electricity when it falls on the top surface of the solar cells inside the SPV module by means of direct photovoltaic conversion process. The generated electricity can either be directly used during the sunshine hours or may be stored in storage batteries to be used later. Solar Street Lighting System essentially comprises solar PV modules, a battery, electronic luminaire with built in high frequency inverter, charge controller and automatic dusk dawn switching etc.

We offer a wide range of Solar PV Street Lighting Systems with standard and custom built versions. The Standard model generally conforms to MNES specifications.



General Specification                                                      Electrical Specification

                                                                                           Charge Controller In Street Light Luminaire

System Voltage 12 Volts DC
Solar PV module of 37Wp 2 Nos.
Or Solar PV module of 74Wp 1 No
12V 75AH at C/10 rate lead acid battery 1 No
CFL-11W Luminaires 1 No
Battery Box 1 No
Module mounting frame pole 1 No
Nuts/Bolts/Hardware/Cable 1 Set
Max Charging current 6A
Load disconnect battery voltage 11.2 ± 0.2 volts or as required
Load reconnect battery voltage 12.5 ± 0.2 volts or as required
Constant Charging Voltage 14.5 ± 0.2 volts or as required
Idle current consumption Less than 10ma

Wave shape of inverter : Quasi sine wave/Near sine wave
Frequency of inverter : 20 to 35 KHz
Overall efficiency : 80%
(Including charge controller)

Light Output
900 lumens(Nominal) for CFL 11 Lamp.


SPV Street Lighting Systems


PV Modules

30Wp, 35Wp, 37Wp, or 2x35Wp, 2x37Wp depending upon hours of lighting and type of lamp required.

Lamps Options

CFL 9 / 11 Watts, or TLD 18 / 20 Watts or SOX 18 / 35 Watt

Hours of Lighting Option

3 / 5 / 7 / 9 / 12 Hours, or dusk to dawn only or dusk to dawn or 12 hours which ever is earlier or as per customer's requirements.

Switching Options

Module switching or LDR switching or Manual

Battery Options

Positive tubular plates battery of 12V 75/80 Ah at C/10 rate or pasted plates type battery of 12V 120 Ah at C/20 rate or sealed Maintenance Free Lead Acid battery of 12V65 Ah at C/20 rate or any other type of battery and rating as required by the customer.

Electronic Options

Inverter  :

Push pull type / Blocking oscillator type

Protection options  :

-   Reverse polarity

-   Battery deep discharge

-   Battery Overcharge

Indication options  :

-   Reverse Polarity

-   Battery Low

-   Battery High

Luminaire Housing Options

Glass fiber / Aluminium / M.S / ABS

Structure Options

Galvanised/Painted and mechanical requirement as per customers specification.