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Welcome to Krishan Nigeria Ltd.

Krishan Nigeria Ltd. has been active in the service of Nigerian consumers and farmers for over thirty years now. It operates through its associates all over western Africa.

The company’s product offering are in the areas of Pre & Post Harvest Agric Machinery, Power Products, Solar Systems, Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation systems, Agriculture Mechanisation, Poultry Projects etc.

The company’s mission has always been to ”To provide quality products at competitive cost in the developing world of Africa and be a catalyst in change for the better”. We always believe in offering the customer, VALUE for MONEY and our service vision is CUSTOMER FIRST.

To service our customers, the company has three locations in Nigeria at Lagos, Kano and Maidugiri.

We are exclusive distributors for TOPEX range of Power Products for entire Africa. TOPEX POWER products are designed for working in tough conditions encountered in Africa where maintenance is a real challenge.

The company believes in harnessing the local talent, and work with local bodies and societies to improve the productivity of their current processes and bring in significant improvements in farm productivity and human productivity by low cost automation.